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Full Day Invited Seminar for Rehab Seminars' 2020 General and Special Education Conference


Friday, May 15, 2020
May 13-15, 2020


San Diego, CA

On May 15th, Dr. Bridget Taylor will be presenting:

Evidence-based Educational Practices for Learners with Autism: Improve Outcomes with Applied Behavior Analysis

Research documents that interventions based on applied behavior analysis can lead to lasting, comprehensive educational outcomes for children with autism. This course will provide an overview of contemporary research-based practices to increase engagement, responding, and learning in individuals with autism across a range of educational environments and ages, using behavior analytic procedures, and present a behavior analytic problem-solving framework to assess learner performance and the instructional context when learning is not proceeding.

To learn more about Rehab Seminars' 2020 General and Special Education Conference visit their website

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