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Clinical Services

Center for Autism

Every individual with autism faces unique challenges and every family affected by autism needs reliable support and expert guidance. Our team of professionals at the Center for Autism understand these challenges and customize services and treatment for each individual.  In addition to our intensive, in-home intervention program, the Center for Autism encompasses a range of clinical services for diagnosis, behavioral interventions and treatment.

Clinical Services

Alpine Learning Group offers a full range of clinical services, providing a continuity of quality care unmatched in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Clinical services include:

  • Autism Screenings and Consultation
    We offer a one-hour screening for children ages 12 months to 48 months who are at-risk for autism or whose parents are concerned about autism but unsure about what to look for. The screening includes a parent interview and observation of the child during structured and unstructured play-based activities. The goal of the screening and consultation is to provide families with a clear path for how to proceed, including referrals and recommendations, as well as our initial clinical impressions of your child. If your child is already diagnosed with autism, we offer one-hour consultations with you and your child to evaluate treatment programs and to make recommendations regarding treatment goals.
  • Diagnostic Clinic
    We offer a two-day comprehensive assessment, conducted by a licensed psychologist, consisting of direct evaluation of your child along with parent/caregiver-based interviews.  We conclude the assessment with a feedback session with parents/caregivers. Comprehensive written reports including diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations are provided.
  • Social Skills Groups
    We offer ABA-based social skills instruction presented in a group context and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Each participant is provided a comprehensive social functioning assessment in which individualized target goals are developed.  Each child is then matched to a group with compatible peers. Targeted skills include joining play activities, responding to peers' questions, following play-related activities and engaging in conversation.
  • Functional Behavior Assessment Clinic
    At Alpine Learning Group, we analyze challenging behaviors through comprehensive functional assessments that focus on identifying the variables that make problem behavior more or less likely to occur. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts develops intervention plans, recommends skill acquisition programs to address challenging behavior, and provides training for family members and treatment teams.
  • Focused Behavior Treatment Clinic
    Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts will assess situation specific problem behavior - for example, difficulty visiting a doctor or dentist, getting a haircut, toilet training, or tolerating specific sounds - and develop short-term, intensive treatment plans to resolve the behavior.  The team focuses on training parents and care providers to implement and maintain the treatment plan.
  • Individualized Skill-Based Assessment Clinic
    We provide comprehensive, individualized skill-based assessments grounded in best practice assessment tools and keen evaluation of current home/school programs. Comprehensive written reports are issued following assessments to recommend individualized skill acquisition programs for use in both school and program placement decisions. 
  • School Sourcing Services
    Alpine's experts will guide you in the critical task of finding the right school to match your child's educational, developmental, and behavioral needs. Staff will observe your child in his or her current placement, visit prospective schools, and work closely with you and your school district to find the right school for your child.
  • Young Adult Transition Assessment Clinic
    Our Adult Transition Assessment Clinic provides individualized assessments of essential skills for adulthood, including self-care, vocational, leisure, community integration and social skills.  A comprehensive report will document both your child's strengths and those skill areas to focus on to ensure a successful transition into adulthood.
  • Public School Consultation Services
    Alpine now offers public school consultation for a wide variety of district needs. Our professionals observe and provide recommendations for students placed in inclusion settings, assist with the development of in-district ABA-based autism classrooms, provide functional behavioral assessments and program recommendations for individual students who exhibit behavior challenges, train district personnel and support staff in ABA-based inclusion practices, assess classrooms to ensure they meet state-of-the-art research-based standards, and provide on-going consultation to individual students and autism programs.
  • Parent Training and Education Program
    Alpine's expert clinicians offers families reliable, up-to-date information about proven, science-based treatment for their children with autism. The program is centered on comprehensive, in-home training services aimed at helping parents address problem behavior and promote language and social skills.

Intensive Home Based Treatment Program

The Outreach Program of the Center for Autism, designed for newly diagnosed toddlers and preschoolers with autism, provides at least twenty-five hours per week of intensive ABA-based intervention within the child's home, with a critical focus on training parents and care providers. 

Alpine's intensive home program implements an individualized, developmentally appropriate curriculum with an emphasis on increasing skills by capturing each child's interest and motivation. The program includes regular assessments of each learner's language, communication, social, play and daily living skills, and ensures that learners are able to apply new skills in a variety of contexts and situations, and interactions with all family members.

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" Alpine Learning Group teachers are synonymous with 'miracle workers.' Thanks to them, a non-verbal two-year-old is now an independent high school freshman with a bright future."

The Girault Family*, Family of a former Alpine Learner

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