Meeting Your Child Where They Are

At Alpine Learning Group, we serve individuals with autism of all ages through an innovative array of educational and clinical programs that are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and strengthened by personalized input from learners and their families. To help learners reach their fullest potential, our expert staff develops a compassionate, thoughtful, one-on-one relationship with families to help everyone succeed.

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Center for Autism

Our Center for Autism offers insurance-funded and private pay in-home ABA programming, social skills groups, and clinical services, including diagnostics. Our expert staff customizes support for individual learners and their families.

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Education Program

As a New Jersey Department of Education-approved school for children and adolescents with disabilities, our Education Program offers services for learners ages 3-21. To meet every learner’s needs, we offer a range of ABA-based teaching techniques, individualized for each learner.

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Transition Programs

Our Transition Programs, including our Business and Success Academies, are aimed at learners who are moving from adolescence into adulthood. Through community, work-based learning experiences, we support learners as they strengthen employability and independence skills, preparing them for the workforce or college.

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Adult Services

Our Adult Program, a qualified provider through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, provides adults 21 and over with ongoing, practical education and support in the necessary life skills for independent living and integration into their community, volunteer, and work environments.

Our Commitment to
Quality Assurance

As part of our commitment to providing state-of-the-art treatment, our education and treatment programs are regularly reviewed by an independent Human Rights Committee. We also engage independent leaders in the field of autism treatment to participate in our External Program Evaluation. These evaluations assess the overall quality and effectiveness of our interventions and ensure ongoing, objective assessments of our education and treatment programs.

Learn More About Our Services

Please contact Caren Gans, Alpine’s Intake Coordinator, using the following form
or via phone at 201-612-7800 x305

Please contact Caren Gans,
Alpine’s Intake Coordinator,
using the following form
or via phone at
201-612-7800 x305