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Why Health and Wellness Matters for People with Disabilities and Caregivers

Laura O’Reilly-Stanzilis, RN, MSM-PHPP & Amy Golden, MA, BCBA

Making the Best out of Free Time: Promoting Leisure Skills in Children and Adolescents with Autism

Jaime Stine, MA, BCBA & Nicole Torrone, MA, BCBA

Guardians of Safety: Empowering Parents, Caregivers, and Service Providers to Prioritize Safety in Autism Interventions

Cortney DeBiase, MA, BCBA and Doreen Yanik, Esq.

Don't Wait. Evaluate! What to Expect from an Autism Diagnostic Evaluation and What to Do Next

Jaime DeQuinzio, PhD, BCBA-D and Lauren Frederick, MA, BCBA

How Parents Can Promote Positive Behavior in Home and Community Settings

Jaime Stine, MS, BCBA and Brielle Spangenberg, MA, BCBA

Working with Autism: A Panel Discussion on Meaninful Employment

Katrina Roberts, MS, BCBA

Innovative Housing Options for Individuals with Autism in New Jersey

Lisa Parles, Esq.

The Power of Play! Play Techniques for Parents that Promote Essential Skills

Jaime DeQuinzio, PhD, BCBA-D

“Peek-a-Boo I See You!” Enhancing Social Communication in Infants and Toddlers

Jaime DeQuinzio, PhD, BCBA-D

Say “Ahh!” Preparing Your Child for Medical and Dental Visits

Sarah Losowyj and Cortney DeBiase

Setting the Groundwork for Friendships: Promoting Social Learning Opportunities for Children with Autism

Brielle Spangenberg and Erika Emery

How Do I Know They’re Ready? Successful Planning for Adulthood

Katrina Roberts and Stephanie Trusty

Identifying Red Flags for Autism in Infants and Toddlers at Risk: What Parents Can Do to Help Improve Outcomes

Dr. Jaime DeQuinzio

Teaching Communication to Young Children with Autism: A Focus on Motivation

Dr. Daniela Fazzio

Addressing the Safety Needs of Individuals with Autism

Dr. Kate Cerino

Preparing Individuals with Autism for the Workforce

Katrina Roberts, BCBA, and Stephanie Trusty

Coping During COVID-19: Strategies for Parents of Individuals with Autism

Dr. Kate Fiske

Parenting Siblings of Children with Autism

Dr. Kate Fiske

Using Behavioral Principles to Teach Learners with Autism to Cooperate with Wearing Masks

Dr. Erin Richard White, BCBA-D

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Please contact Caren Gans,
Alpine’s Intake Coordinator,
using the following form
or via phone at
201-612-7800 x305