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Since 1988

Alpine Learning Group’s Education Program is a New Jersey Department of Education-approved school for children and adolescents with disabilities. Specializing in autism, we serve learners ages 3-21. Our innovative program is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), the only intervention documented to lead to comprehensive, lasting improvements in the lives of people with autism. We pride ourselves on developing collaborative relationships with families and sending school districts to maximize each learner’s outcomes.

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“The Alpine Learning Group is the cutting edge of autism education. Our daughter had unique problems and needs that the typical curriculum couldn’t resolve, so Alpine invented the solutions. It has helped her tremendously and we are forever grateful.”

Family of a Former Alpine Learner

Testimonial was solicited and is being shared with permission from the author.

Our Education Program includes a wide range of
services for your learner, including:

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adult and child working together
  • A full day, twelve-month program for learners 3-21 years of age
  • Highly qualified, Board Certified Behavior Analysts 
  • Individual assessment of your learner’s strengths, challenges, and learning style
  • A wide range of ABA-based teaching techniques expertly individualized to your student
  • A function-based approach to addressing challenging behavior
  • Intervention in both structured and natural settings
  • One-to-one and highly structured small group instruction
  • Specific programs to promote verbal behavior and social and academic skills for your student
  • Peer modeling for select learners
  • Individualized, supported inclusion when learners are ready
  • Regular and comprehensive educational assessments and systematic data analysis to track your learner’s progress
  • Web-based data collection platform, accessible by family members and relevant team members
  • Monthly educational clinics bringing together families, learners, and staff
  • Parental training, with regularly scheduled home visits
  • Community work-based learning experiences to prepare young adults for employment

Learn More About Our Services

Please contact Caren Gans, Alpine’s Intake Coordinator, using the following form
or via phone at 201-612-7800 x305

Please contact Caren Gans,
Alpine’s Intake Coordinator,
using the following form
or via phone at
201-612-7800 x305