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Transforming the lives
of individuals with autism and their families

Alpine Learning Group offers a full range of diagnostic and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-based educational and clinical services to individuals of all ages. We bring science and compassion together to create new possibilities for children and adults with autism and provide comprehensive support for you and your family.

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About Alpine Learning Group

For over 30 years, Alpine Learning Group has been a pioneer in the autism community—providing innovative, comprehensive, and scientifically validated services through collaborative and compassionate relationships nurtured with each learner and their family.

We invite you to learn more about what sets us apart in the autism treatment and research community, including our exceptional team led by world-renowned autism specialist Dr. Bridget Taylor.

Join Our Exceptional Team

Our dedicated staff is at the core of everything we do. By joining our team, you’ll have access to opportunities for growth and professional development with leading researchers in the field of autism. You’ll be laying the foundation for a successful career, with the ability to earn certification hours for teaching and behavior analysis (BCBA and BCaBA). We’re proud of our reputation as a preeminent center for autism treatment and research, and even more proud of the outcomes we see with our learners on a daily basis. Join us to change their lives, and yours.

Our Programs & Services

Because we believe that no two learners or families are the same, we offer an innovative array of services based on the only scientifically proven approach, applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our research-based programs are strengthened by input from learners and their caregivers, and implemented by highly qualified professionals, to help individuals with autism reach their fullest potential.

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Center for Autism

Our Center for Autism provides a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of your child. From diagnosis to intervention, our expert staff provides insurance-funded, in-home applied behavior analysis (ABA) programs, social skills groups, parent training, and a broad array of innovative services and supports to your family.

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Education Program

Our Education Program is a full-day, twelve-month school program for learners ages 3 to 21. Understanding that everyone has a unique learning style, we individualize instruction in one-to-one and structured small group lessons to ensure your child gets the resources and attention they need to succeed.

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Adult Learning Program

Because we believe people learn across their lifespan, we created the Alpine Adult Learning Program. Our curriculum is driven by an individual’s skill level, interests, and lifestyle. Participants receive ongoing, practical education and support, honing skills needed for integration into their communities and work environments—building happy and productive lives.

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Transition Programs

Our Success and Business Academies are focused on identifying each learner’s interests and strengths; developing skills that build confidence, independence, and employability; and setting your child up for success as adults, whether that path leads to college or the workforce.

Young child with autism playing with grownup at Alpine Learning Group
Women with young autistic child at Alpine Learning Group

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis

If you’re new to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we understand there is a lot to learn. As leaders in the field, we provide trusted resources about ASD as well as information about applied behavior analysis (ABA)—the intervention for autism with the strongest scientific support.


By donating to Alpine Learning Group, you’re transforming the lives of individuals with autism and their families.