Notice of Privacy Practices

Our Responsibilities

    • We are required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information.
    • We will let you know promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information.
    • We must follow the duties and privacy practices described in this notice and give you a copy of it.
    • We will not use or share your information other than as described here unless you tell us we can in writing. If you tell us we can, you may change your mind at any time. Let us know in writing if you change your mind.

    Uses and Disclosures

    We use your information for the following purposes:


    We can share your information when necessary to deliver our services, and only  with employees that need it to do their jobs. 


    We can use and share your health information to run our practice, improve your  care, and contact you when necessary.


    We can use and share your health information to bill and get payment from health  plans or other entities.

    Other Uses

    We are legally required to share your information in ways that comply with the law.

    Comply with the law

    We will share protected information if state or federal laws require it, including with the Department of Health and Human Services when necessary to demonstrate compliance with federal privacy law.

    Respond to lawsuits and legal actions

    We can share health information about you in response to a court or administrative order, or in response to a subpoena.

    Your Rights

    When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights. This section explains your rights and some of our responsibilities to help you.

    Get an electronic or paper copy of your medical record

    You can ask to see or get an electronic or paper copy of your medical record and other health information we have about you. You can do this by writing to the Director of your program.

    Ask us to correct your medical record

    You can ask us to correct information about you that you think is incorrect or incomplete.

    Request confidential communications

    You can ask us to contact you in a specific way (for example, home or office phone) or to send mail to a different address.

    Ask us to limit what we use or share

    • You can ask us not to use or share certain health information for treatment, payment, or our operations. We may say “no” if it would affect the services.
    • We will say “yes” unless a law requires us to share that information.

    Get a copy of this privacy notice

    You can ask for a paper copy of this notice at any time, even if you have agreed to receive the notice electronically.

    Choose someone to act for you

    We will make sure the person has this authority and can act for you before we take any action.

    File a complaint if you feel your rights are violated

    • You can file a complaint by writing to the Privacy Officer at 777 Paramus Rd,
    • Paramus, NJ 97152
    • You can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201, calling 1-877-696-6775, or visiting
    • You can file a complaint with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board:
    • We will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint.

    Changes to the Terms of This Notice

    If we change the terms of this notice, we will notify you if you are a current client and post the new notice on our website:

    This Notice is in effect as of April 25, 2024.

    To obtain more information about your privacy rights or if you have questions about your privacy rights (as provided by Privacy Rule Section 164.520(b)(2)(vii)), you may contact the Practice’s HIPAA Compliance Officer as follows:
    Mail: 777 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ 07652
    Phone: 201-612-7800
    FAX: 201-612-7710

    For more information see:

    You may receive a paper copy of this Privacy Notice Summary or our full Notice of Privacy Practices from our Practice (as provided by Privacy Rule Section 164.520(b)(1)(iv)(F)) upon request to the Practice’s Privacy Officer (, or from our web site