Advancing the Field of Autism Research

Alpine Learning Group’s staff regularly publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are asked to share their expertise in various publications. Read Alpine’s contributions to the scientific community. Please contact us for access to articles not directly linked below.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Comparison of Traditional and Embedded Discrete Trial Teaching on the Acquisition of Receptive Identification Skills: A Systematic Replication in Adults with Autism

DeBiase, C., DeQuinzio, J. A., Brewer, E. & Taylor, B. A. (2022)

Read the full publication here.

Review of auditory stimulation as treatment for vocal stereotypy: A discussion of best practices and clinical recommendations.

Kimpel, A. L., DeQuinzio, J. A., & Ahearn, W. H. (2021).

Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 56(4), 409-419.

Maintaining On-Task Behavior of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Absence of an Instructor

El-Boghdedy, A., Sidener, T.M., Reeve, S.A. Quiroz, L.& ,White, E.R. (2022)

Read the full publication here.

Using Behavioral Skills Training to Teach Interview Skills to Young Adults with Autism.

Roberts, K., DeQuinzio, J.A., Taylor, B. A., & Petroskis

Journal of Behavioral Education, 2020 Apr 22.

Open PDF

The influence of instructive feedback presentation schedule: A replication with children with autism spectrum disorder.

Nottingham, C., Vladescu, J., DeBar, R., Deshais, M., & DeQuinzio, J

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 2020 Apr 14. doi:10.1002/jaba.706

Teaching children with autism to respond to joyful and fearful expressions within social referencing.

DeQuinzio, J.A., Ruch, S. A., & Taylor, B. A., (2019, October).

Behavioral Development Bulletin. Advanced online publication.

Open PDF

Compassionate care in behavior analytic treatment: Can outcomes be enhanced by attending to relationships with caregivers?

Taylor, B.A., LeBlanc, L. A., & Nosik, M.R.

Behavior Analysis in Practice. doi:10.1007/s40617-018-00289-3

Open PDF

Using self‐monitoring and differential reinforcement of low rates of behavior to decrease repetitive behaviors: A case study.

Looney, Kate, DeQuinzio Jaime A. & Taylor, Bridget A. (2018)

Behavioral Interventions 2018

Open PDF

Observational learning and children with autism: discrimination training of known and unknown stimuli.

DeQuinzio, J.A., Taylor, B. A., & Tomasi, B. J. (2018)

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 10.1002/jaba.481.

Open PDF

Social referencing and children with autism

DeQuinzio, J. A., Poulson, C. L., Townsend, D. B., & Taylor, B. A. (2016)

The Behavior Analyst, 39(2), 319-331. doi:10.1007/s40614-015-0046-1

Open PDF

Book Chapters

Teaching independent living skills to children with ASD

Taylor, B.A., DeQuinzio, J. A., & Stine, J. (2014).

J.Tarbox, et al, (Eds.) | Handbook of Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research, Policy, and Practice. (pp 475-500) Springer Science and Business Media: New York

Improving the social behavior of children with autism

Taylor, B. A. (2013)

A. Bondy & M. J. Weiss (Eds.) | Teaching Social Skills to People with Autism: Best Practices in Individualizing Interventions Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House

“Do this, but don’t do that”: Teaching children with autism to learn by observation

Taylor, B. A. (2013)

W. L. Heward | Exceptional children: An introduction to special education (10th ed.) (pp. 240-242) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

Video Modeling

Taylor, B.A., & DeQuinzio, J. A. (2011)

Luiselli, J.K. (Ed) | Teaching and Behavior Support for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A "How To" Practitioner's Guide New York: Oxford University Press

Facilitating language in learners with autism: Stimulus control technology

Taylor, B.A., & Hoch, H. (2008)

P. Sturmey, P., & A. Fitzer (Eds.) | Applied behavior analysis and language acquisition in people with autism spectrum disorders Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

Preschool education at the Alpine Learning Group

Taylor, B.A., Cerino, K., Potter, B., Fisher, J., & Gans, C. (2008)

J. S. Handleman & S. L. Harris (Eds.) | Preschool education programs for children with autism Austin, TX: Pro-Ed

Alpine Learning Group

Meyer, L. S., Taylor, B. A., Cerino, K. E., Fisher, J. R., Moran, L., & Richard, E. (2006)

In J. S. Handleman & S. L. Harris (Eds.) | School-age education programs for children with autism (pp. 19-47) Austin, TX: Pro-Ed

Early intensive behavioral intervention for autism: Challenges and opportunities

Maurice, C., & Taylor, B.A. (2004)

W.L. Heward, T.E. Heron, R. Gardner III, D.M. Sainato, N.A., Neef, S. M. Peterson, L.D. Perterson, G. Cartledge, S.B. Hersh, & J.C. Dardig (Eds.) | Focus on behavior analysis in education, Vol. 3 Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall / Merrill

Alpine Learning Group

Meyer, L.S.; Taylor, B; Levin, L; & Fisher, J. (2000)

Harris, S. & Handleman J. (Eds.) | Preschool Programs in Autism: Second Edition Woodbine Press

Teaching Programs and Activities to Improve the Social Behavior of Children with Autism

Taylor, B.A., & Jasper S. (1999)

C. Maurice, G. Green & R. Fox (Eds.) | Making a Difference: Behavioral Intervention in Autism Austin, Texas: PRO-ED

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using the following form
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