April 19, 2024 Innovations in Autism Webinar – Making the Best Out of Free Time: Promoting Leisure Skills in Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with Autism

Tune in on Friday, April 19, 2024; 12:00-1:00pm ET for the third installment of our Innovations in Autism FREE webinar series in partnership with Autism New Jersey. View additional webinar topics here.

Join our webinar tailored for parents and caregivers, where we will discuss the importance of play and leisure skills and provide practical strategies to enhance these skills to support development through early childhood and adolescence.


Jaime Stine, MS, BCBA, is a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction at Alpine Learning Group. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst and certified teacher of students with disabilities, she has been working with learners with autism since 2003. At Alpine, Jaime provides training to parents and teachers in the principles of applied behavior analysis and helps design and implement treatment programs for learners on the autism spectrum. Jaime is the coauthor of several articles and book chapters about observational learning and increasing independence during self-care routines, and has presented on these and other topics at both national and international conferences.

Nicole Torrone, MS, BCBA, is the Coordinator of Transition Services at Alpine Learning Group. She is a Board a Certified Behavior Analyst and certified PEERS instructor who has worked with learners on the Autism spectrum and related disorders since 2015. At Alpine, Nicole collaborates with community partners to create internship and employment opportunities for learners with Autism and works with families to make post-graduation arrangements. Nicole is the author of an article on the use of behavioral skills training to teach conversation skills which was presented at an international conference.