April 24, 2024 Innovations in Autism Webinar – Why Health and Wellness Matters for People with Disabilities and Caregivers

Tune in on Wednesday, April 24, 2024; 12:00-1:00pm ET for the fourth and final installment of our Innovations in Autism FREE webinar series in partnership with Autism New Jersey. View additional webinar topics here.

Join us for a discussion of the impact of health and wellness activities on health outcomes, a whole person approach to service, and how nutrition and movement impact medication and emotional well-being. Presenters will also share information about Autism New Jersey’s Advancing Healthcare Initiative and Family Wellness programs.


Laura O’Reilly-Stanzilis RN, MSM-PHPP, is a healthcare and disabilities advocate and a non profit executive consultant. She holds a Masters Degree in Management of Public Health and Public Policy, and is the chair of the Mount Arlington Mayors Wellness Committee where she also serves on the Board of Health. Laura is the Founding President of Be Well & Thrive, a New Jersey Non Profit dedicated to improving health and wellness of people with disabilities and functional limitations. Be Well & Thrive is the first nationally accredited health and wellness programs for people with disabilities.

Amy Golden, MA, BCBA, is a Certified Health & Well-Being Coach with more than 25 years of experience working with individuals with autism and other developmental and behavioral disorders in homes, public schools, center-based services, private practice, and as the director of an intensive social skills program. Amy has provided extensive training to parents and professionals with an emphasis on collaboration in all of her work. Amy previously worked at Autism New Jersey providing support to parents and professionals in the autism community. She recently served on the Autism Advisory Panel for the New Jersey Department of Education. Using her skills as both a behavior analyst and health & well-being coach, Amy provides supports to families as they navigate raising a child with autism, including both educating parents on best practices in interacting with their child as well as focusing on their own needs as a caregiver.